September 5, 2017 at 1:07 pm

BARR Peer Advisers Helping Science Students Thrive

Biology undergraduate peer advisers, standing for a group photo

Biology undergraduate peer advisers

The Bios Advising and Resource Room (or the BARR) exists to help science students thrive. The BARR consists of 15 peer advisers this year.

The BARR, originally created to assist students in introductory biology and to help first-year students adjust to and learn about Ohio University, now has expanded to help students of all years and all science-related majors. The BARR is staffed by undergraduate peer advisers who have proven themselves capable in science and beyond.

What can the BARR do for you?

  • Help with science coursework
  • Advice on time management and study skills
  • Insights into research, internships, and campus jobs
  • Peer perspectives on scheduling and advising
  • Assistance navigating online resources (from Blackboard to your DARS)
  • Guidance on connecting with faculty and campus resources
  • Information on student organizations
  • A chance to discuss future plans with an upperclassman peer who has been in your shoes

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