September 11, 2017 at 11:15 am

Advising Tip | Discover the Right Major for You

Tetyana Dovbnya

Tetyana Dovbnya

By Tetyana Dovbnya
International Academic Advisor

Hello, Bobcats! As you settle into your college routine and after taking classes for two weeks now, you may begin to wonder whether your classes are “the right ones.”

You will discover that some of the classes that sounded great during registration may not be as interesting as you anticipated; on the contrary, classes that did not sound very exciting at the beginning might turn out to be your favorite. On a larger scale, you may begin to have doubts about your chosen major.

First, do not panic – almost all students at some point face that dilemma. It is a normal process of self-exploration. Second, we grow and change continuously; hence, our interests change. Finally, think creatively about your calling – it is so early in your academic career that you can literally become anybody!

So how do we deal with majors: how to pick ’em, how to declare ’em, and how to stick with ’em. First, get to know yourself and listen to your heart. Do some soul-searching and exploration. Find things and disciplines that you are excited to learn about. There are many online quizzes to determine your major, but they are not intuitive enough to give you the right answer. While you can ask your adviser, parents, friends and faculty for advice, and they all may offer good advice, they shouldn’t be picking your major for you. This is because everyone has different interests and goals, and if you’re choosing a major to please someone else you’re going to risk failing. It is hard and demotivating to study something you do not like.

When you are taking classes in the areas of your genuine interest, not only will you be fulfilling your academic requirements, but what is more important – you will be fulfilling your interests, which leads to academic success and overall satisfaction.

So start by exploring classes that sound interesting. Join student organizations that pertain to a major you’ve been thinking about, talk to upperclassmen about their experiences, schedule a one-on-one with an adviser in an area you’re interested in, attend a lecture on campus, etc. You should also check out your available major options here at Ohio University.

Attend Majors Fair on Sept. 13

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to attend the Majors Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 13, from 11 to  p.m. in the Baker University Center Ballroom. At the Majors Fair, college and department representatives from across the university will be available to answer all of your burning questions. Don’t know what to ask? Consider these:

  • How do I apply for the major? (Some majors are selective.)
  • What are the classes like? What classes are required?
  • Are there internship opportunities or requirements for the major?
  • What do graduates in this major generally go on to do after graduation?
  • Who can I contact with questions?

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