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June 11, 2017 at 9:41 am

Politico Quotes Jellison on Melania Trump’s Move to White House

Dr. Katherine Jellison

Dr. Katherine Jellison

Dr. Katherine Jellison, Professor and Chair of History at Ohio University, was quoted in a Politico story headlined “Melania Trump set to make her D.C. move next week.”

The long-anticipated move — Trump is the first first lady in modern history to delay her arrival — is expected to lend some degree of normalcy to a presidency defined by its abnormality in substance and style.

“Her presence is not going to stop any investigations, but at a time when this particular presidency needs an air of stability, it might lend that,” said Katherine Jellison, a history professor at Ohio University who specializes in first lady studies. “The move helps to give the impression that the president is currently in a stable, solid marriage and that his home life is under control.”

Read the entire story in Politico.

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