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June 7, 2017 at 10:44 am

Linguistics Alum: Smash Writer’s Block with ELIP Courses

Patrick Mose contemplates his improved academic writing skills. Mose is pictured looking in the mirror.

Patrick Mose contemplates his improved academic writing skills.

While working on a Ph.D., Patrick Mose ‘12M always set the highest goals for himself in the field of academia. However, he knew that the road to success is paved by strong academic writing skills.

“I took ELIP writing classes specifically because I wanted to improve my skills specific to my discipline,” says Mose, now an instructional technologist in the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University. Mose earned an M.A. in Linguistics from the College of Arts & Sciences.

Mose describes the English Language Improvement Program courses as providing a great way for students to pace themselves as they work on their projects. Because ELIP courses allow students to work on assignments for other classes, they are able to work on the skills necessary to write an effective text in manageable steps, working up to the final product.

“There is a very good structure,” he says, describing the classes as having “a friendly atmosphere, friendly instructors, and useful feedback from both the instructor and other students.”

In addition, Mose discusses how useful the ELIP writing courses are in understanding practices of the Anglophone writing culture.

“There are some practices that most people coming from different international backgrounds don’t know – such as issues to do with plagiarism. ELIP classes really helped me, and now I’m very comfortable with my writing,” he says. When preparing term papers, theses, and dissertations, effective writing is crucial.

“I strongly recommend ELIP to all students, and not just international students!” Mose says, noting that he hopes to put these writing skills to good use as he publishes in the near future.

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