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Summer 2017 | Online Sociology, Criminology Classes

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Students Pick up some requirements or get ahead on satisfying requirements for their Sociology major or minor this summer.

Soc 3500: Elementary Research Methods

Class Number 3432 | May 8 – June 24

Learn how to design and carry out a research project this summer while satisfying a core requirement for any Sociology major or minor. “Our alums tell us that research methods gave them the skills they have found most useful after they graduated,” says  Dr. Christine Mattley, Professor and Chair of Sociology & Anthropology, who is teaching the course.

SOC 3270: Sociology of Education

Class number 3434 | June 26 – Aug. 12

Are schools leveling the playing field, or are inequalities along racialized, class, and gender lines magnified? The instructor is Dr. Elizabeth Lee.

SOC 2600: Criminal Justice

Class Number 3426 | May 8 – June 24

Explore the criminal justice system and decide Supreme Court cases! And fulfill degree requirements in this course taught by Rebecca Collins:

  • A&S 2000 level and above course requirement
  • A&S Social Science requirement for non-sociology majors
  • One of the three required courses for the Law, Justice and Culture Certificate

SOC 3600: Criminology

Class number 6765 | May 8 – June 24

Learn theories and research in criminal behavior and societal reaction to criminality. Explore causes and consequences of crime with Dr. Bruce Hoffman.

Soc 3660: Punishment and Society

Class number 6766 | May 8 – June 24

This survey of the theory, history, operation, and problems of punishment explores the organization and effectiveness of penal institutions, the causes and impacts of mass incarceration, the politics of punishment, and abolition movements. Prisons, juvenile institutions, parole, halfway houses, privatization, and alternatives to punishment studied with Hoffman.

SOC 3640: Police and Society

Class number 6773 | May 8 – Aug. 12

Learn about the ever-changing powers of the police and the relationship of these changes to policy and the criminal justice system as a whole and how policing intersects with race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and other social characteristics. This course with Dr. Kelly Faust provides an overview of the role of the police in the United States, including:

  • History of policing, duties, behavior, ethics, diversity, and other emerging issues within policing
  • Experiences of police officers
  • Experiences of those who interact with the police
  • Legal concerns for both police and citizens

SOC 3680X: Immigration and Crime

Class Number 3433 | May 8 – June 24

Learn the basics about how immigration and crime intersect with Dr. Charlie Morgan.

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