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April 25, 2017 at 8:51 am

Summer 2017 | Hoffman Teaches 2 Criminology Courses Online First Session!

Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Dr. Bruce Hoffman teaches two online crim classes 1st summer session.

Seats still available!

May 8 – June 24

SOC 3600: Criminology

Class number 6765

Learn theories and research in criminal behavior and societal reaction to criminality.

Explore causes and consequences of crime.

Soc 3660: Punishment and Society

Class number 6766

Explore the organization and effectiveness of penal institutions, the causes and impacts of mass incarceration, the politics of punishment, and abolition movements in this survey of the theory, history, operation, and problems of punishment.

Study prisons, juvenile institutions, parole, halfway houses, privatization, and alternatives to punishment.

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