April 7, 2017 at 2:19 pm

Sociology-Criminology Senior’s Internship with Public Defender’s Office

Lindsey Radzevich

During her last semester, which was last Fall, Lindsey Radzevich ‘16 interned at the Athens County Public Defender’s office. She had interned previously at the Pittsburgh District Attorney’s office where she worked in Drug and DUI court. As a Sociology-Criminology major and a student in the Law, Justice & Culture certificate program she had taken advantage of other law related internships in the past.

Why This Internship

The internship at the Public Defender’s office really interested her because she had already had internship experience in the prosecution side of law and wanted another experience in the court system to see if that was something that she could see herself doing.


She did not expect learning as much as she did in this internship, mostly because in past internships she did a lot of filing and office work and did not get to observe as much as she would have liked to.

“What I enjoyed most about this internship were the people in the office and the learning experience,” Radzevich says.

“At the Public Defender’s office, they encouraged me to observe and participate in as much as I wanted to, which made me learn and really enjoy what I was doing. This experience went above and beyond my expectations due to this.”


Most of the time she went to court and observed the public defenders with clients. Occasionally, she also sat in on client meetings with them in the office.

On certain days of the week Radzevich assisted with arraignments and was able to observe the process of applying for a public defender and how the judge granted certain clients who were eligible for them.

In the office, she assisted with filing cases and organizing certain cases for the lawyers, for example, cell phone records.

Poverty & Crime

The most surprising thing that she learned from this internship was how poverty affects crime.

“I saw this a lot in the Athens area and in court,” Radzevich explains, “and it really opened my eyes up to the area that I go to school in and the help that these people need…that’s where the public defenders come in.”

Career Path Confirmed

This internship made her enjoy law more than she had before and made her very excited to pursue a career in the criminal justice/law field.

“I am grateful to have had the experience I had at the Public Defender’s Office!”

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