April 28, 2017 at 8:28 am

Scholars, Start Your Engines (Live Now)

Unlike NASCAR. there’s no celebrity announcing, “Drivers, start your engines.”

The “engines” are scanning tunneling microscopes. The cars are just a few atoms. And the track is solid gold.

The OHIO Bobcat Nanowagon is representing the United States in the world’s first nanocar race this weekend in Toulouse, France.

The 38-hour race race started at 5 a.m. Athens time today (Friday, April 28).

Watch live as physics and chemistry faculty and students from Ohio University drive the Bobcat Nanowagon toward victory. (Look for the OHIO team in the green shirts!)

Watch live–the Ohio Bobcat Nanowagon is Racing!

WHAT: A 38-hour LIVESTREAM race–OHIO is one of six competitors from around the globe to race cars that are 30,000 times thinner than the width of a hair, using a scanning tunneling microscope, a powerful tool which can image and manipulate objects as small as a single atom.

WHO: OHIO’s team of professors and students is led by Dr. Saw-Wai Hla (Physics & Astronomy) and Dr. Eric Masson (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

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Image of nanobobcat racecar

The Nanobobcat, designed by Dr. Eric Masson

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