April 1, 2017 at 11:15 pm

Mapping the Future | Drone Warfare, April 4

Mapping the Future CAS 2700H with camel cartoon wearing hat and goggles

CAS 2100x Mapping the Future, a new interdisciplinary course offered for the first time this year, concludes its last module, Drone Warfare , with a public event on Tuesday, April 4, from 4:30-6 p.m. at Schoonover 450. It is open to public.

The event, co-sponsored with the War and Peace Theme, brings together experts on drone warfare to discuss the advantages and challenges Unmanned Aerial Vehicles present on the battleground.

The event panel is moderated by one of the course instructors and the coordinator of the War and Peace theme, Dr. Nukhet Sandal. Dr. Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania), Lt. Col. Brook Lee, and Dr. Andrew Ross will present on the multiple facets of the drones. Ross is Associate Professor of Political Science at Ohio University.

As part of the Drone Warfare module, students already have discussed legal and operational challenges of deploying UAVs in warfare. Last Thursday, Dr. Michael Braasch (Engineering) made a presentation on drone technologies, followed by a UAV operation demonstration. The module aims to show the students how to talk about new technologies in a balanced way, recognizing both their contributions and the issues they pose for public policy.

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