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Career Corner | Sociology Majors Get Career, Internship Information

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By Carrie Ramage ’17

“Take Charge of Your Career Path in Sociology and Criminology” was the message to students with Sociology-related majors and minors at a recent advising event.

The purpose was into inform students in the Sociology major about guidance and opportunities available to students through the Sociology & Anthropology Department and the Career and Leadership Development Center. The content was built to help those who are freshmen up to graduating seniors.

Presenters and students gave advice and guidance not only for one’s academic career, but also for career aspirations after graduation. The CLDC offers students help with skills to obtain a job after graduation. Students were able to also learn about the Internship program available and personal experience from students who are currently interning.

Academic Checklist

Kacey Schaum, Assistant Director for the Career and Leadership Development Center, gave students a presentation containing a helpful Career and Academic Checklist. The academic checklist allows students to look ahead at what they should gearing toward completing each year to have the best chance of getting their foot through the door after graduation. She also works with students through her role with College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs.

Kacey Schaum

Kacey Schaum

Following the checklist beginning as a first-year student through to graduating is a great way to get the best experience and necessary guidance for each year. It helps students to avoid scrambling around senior year trying to finish necessary things before graduation.

As a graduating senior, I wish I had the opportunity to attend an event such as this earlier! If I would’ve I feel like I wouldn’t be a stressed senior year trying to complete things like resumes and cover letters in a rush to send to possible jobs.

If you feel lost or confused about what you want to do post-graduation, the faculty advising in your academic department can be a great place to start, and the career center is another helpful resource, resources include help with resumes and mock interviews that many students overlook.

Internship Experiences

Roberta Roberson talked about internship opportunities through the Sociology & Anthropology Department. She is an Associate Lecturer of Sociology and the Sociology and Sociology-Criminology Internship Coordinator, and she helped me with two internships.

She had asked me to join the discussion to talk about my internship experiences. My internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters this semester is my second internship through the department.

I enjoyed sharing my experience with fellow students who were in the same spot I was in back when I began looking at future internship options.

The primary benefit for me through my internship experiences has been the opportunity to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it to real-life situations.

I encourage students to take advantage of events like this one!

It’s an opportunity to not only hear from fellow students, but to also ask them questions.

You also get the chance to connect with people who can talk with you about resources you might not otherwise hear about, and ask them questions, too.

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