April 21, 2017 at 3:35 pm

Anthropology Alum Publishes Book on ‘Grad School Tips & Tricks’

Basia Howard

Ohio University alum Basia Howard recently published an e-book and workbook that helps college students of all levels avoid the common pitfalls associated with post-secondary education.

Howard participated in the OHIO Archaeology Panel in October 2016. She graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University in 2011 with a B.A. in Anthropology, then earned a Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership from Cleveland State University, followed by a master’s degree in Public Anthropology from American University in 2016.

She now works as a federal archaeologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Utilities Service.

book cover: Basia Howard Grad School Tips and Tricks: For The Undecided Freshman Through PhD Applicants

e-book: Grad School Tips & Tricks: For the undecided freshman through PhD applicants

What inspired you to write this book?

The inspiration for this book was born out of eight years of tests and trials trying to navigate the college experience.

I am one of about six people and my family that I know of that have a bachelor’s degree.

I believe I am currently still the only one with one graduate degree, let alone two.

So, each progressive stage of my post-secondary experience has been a journey through uncharted territory.

I was fortunate enough to have great teachers along the way that would ask me the types of questions presented in the book. They were really influential in helping me work toward finding a sense of balance.

The theme of balance can be found throughout the book.

What was the most surprising thing about writing a book?

I think because of the simplicity of this book, things have gone well.

That’s also part its charm!

I didn’t want to create something that burdensome. I wanted to have something that students can consistently refer to. That’s why I created the e-book and print version workbook with enough pages to you through at least a four-year degree.

What was the process to get it for sale on Amazon?

The Amazon process was surprisingly straightforward!

I guess I would describe it as “turbo tax” for book publishing.

workbook cover: Grad School Tips & Tricks: For the undecided freshman through PhD applicants

e-workbook: Grad School Tips & Tricks: For the undecided freshman through PhD applicants

There were many helpful links to explain the various publishing terminology and processes. The cover designer was very useful. It allows you to incorporate your or selected stock images onto one of their templates.

The whole system is designed to be user friendly for everyone from complete novices to seasoned professionals. I guess it’s similar to my book in that way.

I would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to get published.

What’s next?

Howard commented that the process of writing her e-books has inspired her to continue her research on sneaker culture.

She looks forward to adapting her Master’s “In Search of Her Sole: An exploration of women’s experience in sneaker culture” into a work that allows readers to engage in archaeological theory, intersectionality, culture, and economic exchange through the lens of sneakers.

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