March 21, 2017 at 2:06 pm

Fall 2017 | Theme Announces English Course on Law

Dr. Jill Rosser, Professor of English, is teaching ENG 4600: Topics in English Studies in the upcoming Fall 2017 semester.

ENG 4600: Topics in English Studies is open to all seniors, including non-English majors, who are interested in literature in which the legal profession plays an essential role.

The course meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30am to 11:50am.

J. Allyn Rosser

J. Allyn Rosser

Students in this course will read literature written in the time of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, including Dicken’s Bleak House and Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Students will also engage with actual cases from a torts textbook, nonfiction pieces, and full-length films.

As students examine the law through the lens of various genres and time periods, the goal of the course is for students to gain:

  • A better grasp of how genre and eras shape their culture
  • How a loose or strict interpretation of the law can prove dangerous
  • How famous cases and court decisions may influence their own ideas of justice

Making and Breaking the Law logoRosser’s areas of focus include creative writing, particularly poetry, as well as British, Irish, and American Modern Fiction.

Rosser obtained her undergraduate degree in French and English from Middlebury College. Rosser then pursued a master’s degree in English literature and writing from the University of Pennsylvania, where she went on to earn her Ph.D. in English literature.

This course contributes to the Making and Breaking the Law theme, sponsored by the Center for Law, Justice & Culture.

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