March 20, 2017 at 11:21 am

CLJC Seeks Student for PACE Pre-Law Associate Position

The Ohio University Center for Law, Justice & Culture has an opening for a PACE student in the academic year of Center for Law Justice & Culture logo2017-18! The center is looking for a Pre-Law Associate who will help us develop law-related resources and opportunities for undergraduate students who are interested in law school and law-related career fields.

As the PACE Pre-Law Associate, you will work closely with the CLJC Pre-Law Specialist and Advisor Larry Hayman in the CLJC office, located on the ground flo or of Bentley Hall (001B).

You will manage communications with OHIO alumni who are now working in legal fields and who wish to provide professional career guidance to undergraduate students with similar interests and aspirations.

You will also manage communications with law school admissions officers all over the state, region, and country. This will involve developing a comprehensive collection of law school admissions materials, as well as law opportunities and resources available to students at Ohio University.
The PACE Pre-Law Associate will also be required to draft/write articles for the Ohio University College of Arts & Sciences Forum. This is an excellent opportunity that gives students the ability to write professionally and a way of showcasing creativity. This part is a small portion of the job but is important because it is predominantly how the center gets information out to the students.

Although it is not required, it is recommended that students who apply have familiarity with Excel.

Finally, you will assist the Pre-Law Specialist and Advisor in coordinating CLJC events on events relating to law, justice and culture. This includes the annual Law Fair event featuring representatives from law schools across the country, as well as the Pre-Law Day event featuring panels of OHIO alumni working in law careers.

The position is critically important in supporting the goals of CLJC and the College of Arts & Sciences, and strengthening the ties among OHIO students, law schools, alumni, and the community. It also provides the opportunity for networking as the PACE employee will be in frequent contact with alumni.

The Center for Law, Justice & Culture is a community of students and faculty who are committed to the study of law from a liberal arts perspective. The CLJC Pre-Law Specialist and Advisor is the university-wide point person for providing professional advising services to Ohio University students who are considering postgraduate legal education.

This position is ideal for students academically and professionally interested in law, justice and culture. It is a PACE position and you thus must be PACE eligible. All years, first through fourth, will be considered for this position. To find more about the position, or to apply, please visit

Also feel free to contact Larry Hayman at or the current Pre-Law Associate, Casey Tisdale at with any additional questions.

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