February 1, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Science Cafe | Disrupting Reality: Immersive Media at Ohio University, Feb. 15

Science Café presents John Bowditch on “Disrupting Reality: Immersive Media at Ohio University” on Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 5 p.m. in the Baker Center Front Room.

Bowditch, director of Ohio University’s Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, believes that augmented and virtual reality is that next disruptive technology.

In his Science Café, “Disrupting Reality: Immersive Media at Ohio University,” Bowditch, with the support of colleagues Eric Williams and Josh Antonuccio, will introduce the audience to augmented and virtual reality. As part of the café, they will explore trends in disruptive technology and then encourage participants to try on the gear and experience these new realities for themselves.

“When something becomes disruptive, the world will never be the same again,” Bowditch explained. “We are not only giving people the ability to try out experiences; we are creating the experiences.”

Watch Live or Later on A&S TV.

Science Cafe logoScience Café and Café Conversations are held on Wednesdays at 5 p.m. in the Front Room at Baker University Center. They are free and open to students, faculty and staff. Science Café is a venue for students to share their interests informally during a conversation exchange in a friendly setting. Free coffee is offered to the first 50 attendees, and participants who ask questions will win a free t-shirt.

The Science Café is hosted by Dr. Sarah Wyatt, Professor of Environmental & Plant Biology and Vice President of the Ohio University Chapter of Sigma Xi, and Roxanne Malé-Brune, Director of Grant Development and Projects in the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creativity.

Science Café and Café Conversations are sponsored by the Office of Vice President for Research and Creativity and the Ohio University Chapter of Sigma Xi.

Fall 2016 Science Café & Café Conversations

Sept. 7, Dr. Daniel Phillips, Professor, Physics, Symmetries in Nature: A Key to the Subatomic World, on A&S TV

Sept. 21, Dr. Sarah Hormozi, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, on A&S TV

Sept. 28, David Mould, Professor Emeritus, Media Arts and Studies, The perils and opportunities of being a journalist in foreign countries, on A&S TV

Oct. 5, Dr. Guy Riefler, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering; and John Sabraw, Professor of Painting and Drawing, on A&S TV

Oct. 19, Dr. Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, Associate Professor, Psychology, on A&S TV

Oct. 26,  Aimee Edmondson, Associate Professor, Journalism; John Grimwade, Assistant Professor, Visual Communication, on A&S TV

Nov. 2, Movie: “Popped Secret: the Mysterious Origin of Corn”

Nov. 9, Catherine Early, Biological Sciences, on A&S TV

Nov. 16, Dr. Gurgen “Greg” Hayrapetyan, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, on A&S TV

Nov. 30, Dr. Sonia Najjar, Professor, Biomedical Sciences / Associate Dean of Research and Innovation, HCOM, on A&S TV

Spring 2017 Science Café & Café Conversations

Jan. 18, Dr. Joseph Shields, Professor, Physics & Astronomy, on A&S TV

Jan. 25,  Rajko Grlic, Distinguished Professor, Film, on A&S TV

Feb. 1, Dr. Brian Clark, Professor, Biomedical Science, Director OMNI, on A&S TV

Feb. 15, John Bowditch, Director, The Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, Scripps College of Communication

March 15, Dr. Gerardine Botte, Professor of Engineering

March 22,  Andy Alexander, Scripps Howard Visiting Professional, Journalism, on A&S TV

March 29, Craig Grimes, Assistant Professor, Geological Sciences

April 20, Sigma Xi Initiation Ceremony

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