February 22, 2017 at 4:02 pm

Office of Sustainability Projects, Applications for Sustainability Awards

Among its current projects, the Office of Sustainability is currently accepting applications and nominations for its annual sustainability awards.

Office of Sustainability is sponsoring close to $1,000 in sustainability awards at the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo in April. When students with sustainability-focused projects register through the online portal, they should be sure to check “sustainability” as a topic area and fill out the form. This form will be sent to the Office of Sustainability to confirm eligibility.

“We’re really excited to say that we are helping to facilitate 20 student projects in various classrooms on campus this semester, from a variety of disciplines. We’re especially excited to say that students in MKT4900: Sustainable Marketing (instructor: Colin Gabler) and ES4832/5832: Sustainability Implementation (instructor: Annie Laurie Cadmus) are leading the charge on projects ranging from sustainability education campaigns on-campus to community outreach programs aimed at better connecting the university with Athens County,” says Annie Laurie Cadmus, Director of Sustainability.

“The students from these classes will present their final projects at the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo in April.  The projects are aimed at finding lasting solutions to sustainability problems we are facing today. The potential long-term impacts of their efforts are significant and we believe that courses such as these are upholding the institutional mission to develop “global leaders.”’

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