February 2, 2017 at 10:30 am

International Conference | Malaysia and the World, March 24-26


Dr. Jayum Anak Jawan

Dr. Jayum Anak Jawan

The Ohio University Office of Global Affairs & International Studies and the Political Science Department host an international conference on “Malaysia and the World: Cross-Regional Perspectives on Race, Religion and Ethnic Identity” March 24-26.

The conference aims to highlight Malaysia’s profile and role on the world stage by bringing together leading scholars from Malaysia, Europe, and North America. The intellectual academic exchange will provide a venue for competing comparative perspectives on Malaysia and other countries. It is the broader intention that this academic activism will benefit and enrich Malaysian studies.

Dr. Jayum Jawan, Visiting Professor and Tun Abdul Razak Chair of Political Science, is hosting the conference.

The conference features several political science faculty:

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