February 7, 2017 at 2:06 pm

Gingerich Presents on Paleoindian Settlement Patterns at Annual Meeting

Dr. Joseph Gingerich

Dr. Joseph Gingerich

Joseph Gingerich, Assistant Professor of Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University, was invited to present his paper, “Pleistocene Depositional Patterns and their link to Paleoindian Settlement Patterns in the Middle Atlantic Region,” at the 83rd Annual Eastern States Archaeological Federation Meeting in November 2016.

The Eastern States Archeological Federation (ESAF) is an organization of state archeological societies representing much of the Eastern United States and Canada. ESAF was organized in 1933/34 to provide a forum for the exchange of archeological information among archeologists and state archeological societies. With a membership of 12 state societies and over 300 individual memberships, ESAF continues to foster international cooperation and information exchange within the archeological community, as well as supporting public outreach, education, and participation.


Before, during, and after the Younger Dryas interval, we see differences in depositional patterns throughout the Middle Atlantic Region of the United States. In this paper we explore both differences and similarities in alluvial and eolian deposition within the Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and Ridge and Valley physiographic provinces of eastern North America. Using select case studies in Virginia and Pennsylvania, we explore what role, if any, varying landscape stability played in the settlement or use of river valleys by human populations during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene.

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