January 6, 2017 at 4:45 pm

What is Bobcat CareerLink and Why it is Useful?

by Austin Rivers ’17

For those of you unfamiliar with Bobcat CareerLink, it is a job searching interface provided to you by OHIO free of charge. The service connects you to potential employers all across the country, and some even in other countries that offer a variety of different positions, internships, and abroad programs that may peak your interest.

I am writing to inform new students or those unknowing of the potential success you can find in your job and internship search through CareerLink.

So what is the process of joining the CareerLink and taking advantage of its resources? First go to and follow the instructions for logging on. Next, you will be brought to the main page interface. You will notice on this homepage is information about your major, current year, and GPA already loaded onto the system for employers to see.

After getting familiar with the website the first thing you will want to do is upload your resume. OHIO has a handy feature where they must first approve your resume before it is uploaded. While this may seem cumbersome it is for your benefit to ensure your resume is the best it can be when it is reviewed by potential employers.

If you have any questions about what it takes to get your resume approved I suggest going to the Career Learning and Development Center on the fifth floor of Baker Center.

So what’s next after your resume is approved? Well that is up to you as the user. CareerLink will help you out by taking the initiative to promote your approved resume to potential employers seeking employees within your major, or with your current skill set. Even with this free publicity, the real work now comes from you. You must use the resources given to you to search for the jobs and internships you want.

The advantage of Bobcat CareerLink over other job searching websites is that its interface will tailor your job search to both your interest and what is applicable to your current major. This means you are able to find employers based upon what you are interested or where you want to work location wise, instead of wading through an endless list of job positions.

My message to all OHIO students it to take advantage of this system, and use it to help develop your career path for the future. We are all in a critical part in our lives of self-discovery and career soul searching. Bobcat CareerLink helps us with the latter of those two in seeing what jobs are best suited for us.

If you have any questions about Bobcat CareerLink, or about your resume and career opportunities I highly advise going to the Career Development Center (CLDC) on the fifth floor of Baker Center.

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