December 12, 2016 at 4:34 pm

Summer is Coming | Plan for Summer Internship over Winter Break

by Matt McCullough ‘17

Summer internships are a great way for Sociology & Anthropology students to spend a summer because they give students career experience and skills.

Summer internships are useful for graduate school applications and for entering the job market. They can also be a way to earn money and continue learning through summer break.

Many students, however, do not know where to start, so Roxanne Malé-Brune, Director of Grant Development and Projects for the Research Division, offers her help.

Winter Break? Prepare for an Internship!

Many applications for summer internships are due late January to early February, so Malé-Brune recommends students spend their winter break preparing.

According to her, it begins by searching for an internship that fits your needs. Possible options include an internal internship, meaning an internship at Ohio University, or external internships, meaning internships not at Ohio University.


You can find many opportunities and search engines through OHIO’s Fellowships website.

Another great source for finding internships and jobs is Bobcat CareerLink, which is exclusively available to OHIO students and alumni.

Malé-Brune advises that many internship applications also include a résumé, personal statement, reference letters, and transcript. Her workshops are informative and students who missed it Fall Semester can download her presentation by going to see Fellowships.

You can also contact her with questions.

Already done a workshop?

Malé-Brune recommends that students consider presenting their research or creative activity at the Student Expo this coming April 6.

“It’s a great way for students to share their experiences with other students, show off their results and compete for presentation awards,” she says.

“Also, preparing and giving the presentation helps student develop critical communication skills, both written and spoken, which is essential for most jobs.”

Summer is Coming – Plan Now!

Summer internships are great ways to spend the summer. They offer learning and work experience, extra money, networks, and just something fun to do over the summer break.

Summer may feel like a long way off, but the application process starts just after the new year.

If you are interested, start preparing now while on winter break!

Arts & Sciences Career & Networking Week

In the first month of Spring semester you have events and activities to further your planning and preparation for an internship:

Mark your calendars and planners now!


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