November 8, 2016 at 1:52 pm

Career Corner | Alum Speaks to Students about Victims Advocacy Career

Becky Filar outside Athens County Prosecutor's office

Becky Filar

Ohio University alum Becky Filar ’06 spoke with students in the Sociology-Criminology Club on Oct. 20.

Filar, who earned a B.A. in Sociology-Criminology from the College of Arts & Sciences, is a victim advocate for the Athens County Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Club members were given the opportunity to ask questions about her work and about the types of things she does.

“It was a great hour visit I had with the club, and there was a great turnout,” Filar said.

“I was able to explain my role as a victim advocate for the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office and a ‘day in the life of’.’ I explained the felony judicial process and what it’s like being a liaison between a victim and our prosecutors, case workers, and law enforcement.

“The members were engaged and asking about the way to prepare yourself for obtaining internships and careers following graduation,” Filar continued. “I made sure to express the importance of taking time for internships and volunteer opportunities to gain experience and to find their passion. I explained the various agency’s within Athens County that I get to collaborate with for criminal cases and how they can work toward knowing the resources where they reside or plan to live following graduation. We discussed work-life balance and dealing with the emotions of being the support person for someone of some of their worst days.”

Olivia Henry ’19, Sociology-Criminology major and current Sociology-Criminology Club secretary, was pleased with the number of students who were able to attend the meeting.

“We had a good group of people who could make it, which I was pleased about,” Henry said. “A lot of people had questions about her work, which made it interesting and made her feel like people genuinely wanted to know about her work and the types of things she does. Becky told us a little about herself and how she was feeling when she was in our position in college. She went on to tell us about things she deals with, the things that can be challenging, but also how rewarding the job can be.

“It was informational, but fun. Becky did a wonderful job making everyone feel comfortable to ask questions and comment on the things she does. She noted possible ways to get an internship with the company and where it was located. She left us with brochures with her contact information and other additional information about her work that she might not have answered in the hour. I am pleased she was able to make it, and I believe it was beneficial to the club.”

Melissa Kubach ’19, Sociology-Criminology major and Psychology minor, found Filar’s visit very enlightening.

“Becky was honest and descriptive about her job with the Athens Court system. She even talked about how she wasn’t sure what she was doing with her degree when she graduated, and her current job fell into her lap,” Kubach said. “That is relatable to me, in the sense that there are so many opportunities, and I’m not sure what I want to do with it. She was very personable and encouraged questions. She walked through a whole day of her duties, explained the hardships of dealing with specific cases, and told stories of her best and worst experiences.”

Alex Brooks ’17, Sociology-Criminology and Mathematical Statistics double major and current Sociology-Criminology Club treasurer, thought Filar was a great resource to hear speak.

“She shared a job that I think a lot of students, including myself, did not realize was an option in talking about victim advocacy. She gave a new perspective in working in a law office that didn’t require a law degree, which I think many would be interested in, and talked about opportunities for internships!” said Brooks.

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