October 31, 2016 at 5:55 pm

Sociology Major Shares Why Bobcat Legacy Is Important to Her

Many OHIO alumni proudly share stories from their Bobcat experience with their families. For some students with elders as Bobcats, following the family tradition and becoming a Bobcat was a no brainer. For OHIO Alumni Association 2016-17 Legacy Scholars, the decision to become a Bobcat is not only based on a Bobcat family legacy but also because of OHIO’s outstanding and accredited areas of study.

This year’s Legacy Scholarship recipients are Brendon Embry, Elise Hammond, Elliot Remer and Jessica Roth.

Jessica Roth | Junior | College of Arts and Sciences, Global Affairs and International Studies

Roth, a Sociology and Global Studies double major, grew up attending OHIO Sibs Weekends and Commencement ceremonies with her extensive Bobcat family. Her mother, Juliet Roth, graduated from OHIO in 1994 with a degree in Management Information Systems. Several of Roth’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are also Bobcats.

OHIO was her college back-up plan until she visited the beautiful Athens campus.

“I can now say that attending OHIO and continuing my family’s legacy was one of the best decisions I have made,” Roth said. “I’m able to eat at the same restaurants, have classes in the same buildings, and love the same city that my family has over the years.”

Roth is a Research Scholar at the Voinovich School, assisting with interviews and data analysis, is a member of Students for Law, Justice and Culture, a student organization affiliated with OHIO’s Center for Law, Justice, and Culture (CLJC), and plays intramural soccer. A future criminal justice reformer, she spent her freshman year interning at Marion Correctional Facility in Marion, Ohio.  This semester Roth is studying aboard in Cuzco, Peru.

The Association’s Legacy Scholarship program supports children and grandchildren of OHIO alumni in an effort to continue the family’s Bobcat tradition. Scholars participate in special events and receive scholarship support.  Students are selected based on the number of Bobcats in their family, their academic work and honors, their extracurricular activities and their interest in leadership. To support the OHIO Alumni Association’s Legacy Scholarship program, visit the giving website and choose “Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.”

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