October 1, 2016 at 9:45 pm

OHIO Prediction Tournament Kicks Off with ‘Superforecaster’ Warren Hatch, Oct. 10

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The OHIO Prediction Tournament, in conjunction with the Knowing the Future theme, host a tournament kick-off with “Superforecaster” Warren Hatch on Monday, Oct. 10, at 6 p.m. in Walter Hall 245.

Dr. Warren Hatch

Dr. Warren Hatch

Hatch, Senior Vice President of Good Judgment Inc., will discuss how prediction tournaments are a useful tool for business and society, as well as providing prediction strategies and tips. Refreshment will be served.

Think you’re better than your friends at predicting outcomes? Prove it by challenging them in an upcoming prediction tournament, and you could even win prizes!

Topics covered range from sports to entertainment to economics to the weather.

  • Weekly prizes
  • Play for free
  • New questions each week

The tournament being Oct. 7. Sign up now and check out the questions at

OHIO students, staff, and faculty can sign-up for the tournament either before or during the Oct. 10 event (if you bring your laptop computer).

Knowing the Future theme logoHatch heads the Superforecaster® Analytics service at Good Judgment. A CFA charterholder and a Superforecaster, he comes from McAlinden Research Partners and was co-manager of a hedge fund seeded by Tiger Management and a portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley, according to the Good Judgment website.

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  1. Dear Cultivate Labs,

    I found your website via the link “” which you sent to us students here at Ohio University (OU) and its really really fascinating. I am a Master of Science student at OU at Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. I work with Artificial Neural Nets for making prediction models. My thesis work is in the area: “Creating a forecasting model using Statistical Techniques and Artificial neural networks to predict EQ-5D model indicators from World Bank Data, World Health Organization Data and United Nations Development Programme Data indicators, for Population Health Improvement”. As being passionate for excelling in the area of predictive modelling, I would love to be a part of a company which is totally committed to this area. Your project seems to amaze me and I would love to know what tool do you use at the back end for making predictions. Attached is my resume for your kind consideration along with a small ‘Thesis Insight Document’ to dwell into what I have been doing. Hope you like it. Thanks for your time and wish to meet you in the near future.

    With Regards,

    Amit Pathak
    Master of Science Student,​
    Industrial and Systems Engineering,
    Russ College of Engineering and Technology,
    Ohio University,
    Athens, OH 45701-2979​

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