September 14, 2016 at 4:12 pm

Before Submitting That Personal Statement…

by Matt McCullough ’17

Submitting Applications

Fall semester is the time of applications.

Students and future students are submitting applications to admissions offices, fraternities and sororities, and study abroad programs. All of these programs, as part of applying, require a personal statement.

While the reason for a personal statement varies, in most cases it is your chance to show the selection committee who you are.

The personal statement is about making you stand out and argue your case as to why you deserve admission.

This is often the most important component of the application.

With such an important document, there can never be too many revisions. A personal statement should never be submitted without having at least one professional read it. 

The purpose of a professional review is not to simply proofread, but to analyze content and provide the feedback necessary to produce a strong personal statement, pointing out what is weak and suggesting improvements.

Where Are These Professionals?

Career and Leadership Development Center words in shape of the state of Ohio

At the Career and Leadership Development Center, Career Coaches review the content in your personal statement and identify areas for improvement.

CLDC staff focus on tailoring the statement to specific programs, brainstorming responses to prompts and experiences to highlight, and navigating the common pitfalls of personal statements.

The staff at the center also will direct you to other resources which can help you. In the case of personal statements, the Student Writing Center is another fantastic resource.

It is certainly worth going to the Career and Leadership Development Center and the Student Writing Center, and to anyone else who is qualified, to have a personal statement revised.

Taking these extra measures can make an application more competitive.

Any student who strongly desires to succeed should embrace these opportunities.

outside of the Student Writing Center at Ohio University

Application Deadlines Approach Quicker than Expected.

Sending applications early is always wise. The sooner personal statements are written, the sooner they can be revised, and the sooner the application can be sent.

Once those professional documents are drafted, be sure to take them to the Career and Leadership Development Center and the Student Writing Center!

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