August 31, 2016 at 9:45 am

Internship Adds Power to Economics Student’s Career Plans

Chuyang Wu in front of BorgWarner sign

Chuyang Wu at BorgWarner internship

This past summer Chuyang Wu, a senior in Economics, found a program management/sales internship position with BorgWarner located in Auburn Hills, MI.

She worked in the BorgWarner Powertrain Technical Center with both the Program Management and the Sales Analysis departments. The company’s powertrain technologies are used to improve fuel economy, emissions and performance.

“This summer internship experience gave me a deep understanding about how companies run their businesses. It helped me to build a new goal for my future career as well,” Chuyang said.

About BorgWarner

“BorgWarner is a global product leader in powertrain solutions. We focus on developing leading powertrain technologies that improve fuel economy, emissions and performance. Our facilities are located across the globe to provide local support for our diverse customer base,” according to the BorgWarner website.

“We operate in two groups: The Engine Group develops air management strategies and products to optimize engines for fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and enhanced performance. BorgWarner’s expertise includes engine timing systems, boosting systems, ignition systems, air and noise management, cooling and controls. The Drivetrain Group harnesses a legacy of more than 100 years as an industry innovator in transmission and all-wheel drive technology. The group leverages this understanding of powertrain clutching technology to develop interactive control systems and strategies for all types of torque management.”

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