August 22, 2016 at 5:35 am

Fall 2016 | History Announces 2 New Courses

The History Department at Ohio University announces two new courses that are being offered for the first time in Fall 2016.

HIST 2905: Technology in World History

Tier II Social Science

Description: This course explores the ways in which technology and human society have shaped each other from prehistory to the 20th century. The course presumes no prior historical or scientific knowledge and welcomes students from all disciplines. It fulfills the Tier 2 Social Science general education requirement. The course focuses on selected themes, including: technologies of food acquisition; the manipulation of energy and materials; warfare; the industrialization of production in the last several centuries; and transportation and information. From hand tools, brewing, and firearms to genetically modified foods, satellite data, and nuclear power, human history and technology can only be understood together. In this way, technology provides a critical perspective for understanding the emergence of the modern world in a global context. Dr. Victoria Lee, Assistant Professor of History, is teaching this course.

HIST 3715: Sex, Crime, and Deviance in Europe, 1200-1800

Description: This course explores sexuality, deviance and crime in late medieval and early modern Europe, contrasting imaginary crimes (e.g., witchcraft) with “real” crimes such as rape, robbery, and infanticide. The course examines the impact of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and class in process of criminalization in European history, 1200-1800. It traces long-term changes in the definition, incidence and prosecution of particular crimes to changes in economy, social structure, government, religion and culture. Dr. Michele Clouse, Associate Professor of History, is teaching this course.

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