July 19, 2016 at 2:56 pm

Sociology-Criminology Junior Interns for Common Pleas Judge

Carrie Ramage standing outside the Athens County Courthouse

By Carrie Ramage ’17

My name is Carrie Ramage. My major is Sociology-Criminology. I am now a senior at Ohio University.

Over the summer I interned for Common Pleas Judge Pat Lang’s office at the Athens County Court House.

Pictured with me in this photo are case files I pulled for just one week of cases that the Judge was to oversee in the courtroom.

Carrie Ramage with stack of files for Judge Lang in Athens County Common Pleas office

Case files hold all of the court related papers in a defendant’s case, such as when they were arrested and what they are being charged with.

I loved this opportunity to see a possible career choice with my major. Everyone I met was very helpful in teaching me how the court works.

I am still undecided about what career path I want to take after graduation, but am grateful to have had a glimpse at the different possibilities in court and a courthouse.

I finished the summer with a better understanding of the hearings that are occur in the court house.

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