July 26, 2016 at 3:06 pm

From the Chair: Can You Talk to Students About Careers?

Dr. William Shambora

Dr. William Shambora

By William Shambora, Department Chair, Ohio University Economics Department

Introductory Economics has not changed a whole lot since I took it back in 1969. We still teach supply and demand with graphical curves that meet at some mysterious equilibrium point. However, the field of economics has evolved, the world economy has changed dramatically. (U.S. real GDP per capita has more than doubled while China’s is up more than 30 times.) And the way education is being delivered is changing before our eyes. Change is always accompanied by challenges. We are continually trying to learn and adapt.

It is very important that what we teach and the research we do maintain relevance to the real world. In order to accomplish that, we in the “ivory tower” need to stay in close touch with those on the front lines of the “RW.” Our best sources of real-world input are our alumni and friends. You are the ones putting economic thinking to use every day in your roles in business, government and other institutions. Some of our students keep in touch informally with their favorite professors. I am hoping we can increase our communications with former students and members of the community who have a stake in economics education. To begin this we are looking for graduates and friends to participate with the Economics Department in Homecoming 2016.

During homecoming week, we have planned several activities to introduce our students and faculty to graduates and friends of OHIO.

  • There will be an opportunity to get together with the Economics Society (our student group).
  • Speakers are needed to address classes about careers for economics majors and how to prepare for those careers.
  • Participants are needed for discussions about generating internships and disseminating information about job opportunities.
  • We would also like to have discussions about what skills are needed in the current job market and how economics education can help students develop those skills.
  • And, just for fun, on game day, Oct. 8, we will have an Economics Tent in Tailgreat Park.

How do you get involved? You could start by sending me an e-mail at shambora@ohio.edu indicating your interest in helping with Homecoming Week or other activities. If you have an idea that we should consider or an internship possibility for talented students, let me know.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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