June 9, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Stigall Honored with Prestigious ‘Best Paleontologist under 40 Years of Age’ Award

Dr. Alycia Stigall

Dr. Alycia Stigall

Dr. Alycia Stigall
, Professor of Geological Sciences, has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Charles Schuchert Award from the Paleontological Society.

This prestigious award, known colloquially as the “Best paleontologist under 40 years of age,” is presented annually by the Paleontological Society, an international professional society devoting to advancing the science of paleontology in all disciplines. The Charles Schuchert Award is an early career award “presented to a person under 40 whose work early in his or her career reflects excellence and promise in the science of paleontology, and thus reflects the objectives and standards of the Paleontological Society.” Previous awardees include some of the best known paleontologists of the past century.

“This is an exceptional achievement, one that reflects on the quality and impact of your research. Congratulations!” noted Paleontological Society President Steven Holland.

Stigall is recognized for her contributions to the understanding of the impact of species invasion on species and ecosystems within shallow marine communities during the Ordovician Period and the Late Devonian Mass Extinction.

Stigall also contributed substantially to theoretical aspects of evolutionary theory, principally enhanced understanding of the interacting roles of geography, ecology, and evolutionary history during the speciation, the formation of new species.

Her work has included substantial outreach and education efforts including the Ordovican Atlas website and mobile app and K-12 teacher education.

Stigall has championed gender equality within scientific disciplines, particularly paleontology. She is extremely pleased and humbled to be the selected as a Schuchert Awardee as she is only the fifth woman (among 45 recipients) to have received this honor.

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