May 4, 2016 at 9:59 am

Faculty, Staff Get Moment with Hilary Clinton

From left, Sharell Arocho, Hillary Clinton and Dr. Sarah Pogionne on May 3 in Athens.

From left, Sharell Arocho, Hillary Clinton and Dr. Sarah Pogionne on May 3 in Athens.

From the alum who hosted her to the faculty and staff who got to meet her, Hillary Clinton’s visit to Ohio University brought some excitement to what is normally a quiet week between finals and the start of the summer session.

“It wasn’t planned, but when the opportunity arose because a friend texted Sharrell (Arocho), I was thrilled to go. I was on campus finishing some grading and paperwork, so in addition to Sharrell, I really should thank my students for writing long—and good—papers and final exams that kept me working through today,” says Dr. Sarah Poggione, Associate Professor of Political Science, who met Clinton at the Court Street Diner.

“I was very excited to meet Secretary Clinton. I mentioned to her that I was teaching a Political Science course on “Women and Politics” is next fall, and she noted that we would have a lot to talk about.”

“It was a surreal and humbling experience meeting one of the most powerful women in the world and one who is likely to be our first female president of the United States,” says Jamie Dewey, who also was at the diner. “Don’t get me wrong, I still feel ‘The Bern,’ but we need to hold on to the White House this year more than ever! I think a Hillary/Bernie pairing would be just the ticket to do it, too.”

Former Secretary of State Clinton brought her presidential campaign tour of Appalachia—”Breaking Down the Barriers”—to Jackie O’s Taproom in Athens on May 3. Jackie O’s owner Art Oestrike is an Ohio University alum, having earned a B.A. in Russian and an Linguistics from the College of Arts & Sciences, along with a B.S.ED from the Patton College of Education.

Watch CSPAN video of Clinton visiting with OHIO faculty and staff at the Court Street Diner.

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