May 16, 2016 at 5:17 pm

NQPI | Director’s Corner

Dr. Eric Stinaff

Dr. Eric Stinaff

By Dr. Eric Stinaff
Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute Director

Warmest greetings from Athens, Ohio! Welcome to the 15th edition of the NQPI Newsletter. I hope you enjoy reading about the latest activities and research being conducted by Nanoscale & Quantum Phenomena Institute members.

One exciting example is Eric Masson and Saw Hla’s involvement in the first-ever “NanoCar Race,” to be held May 2017 in Toulouse, France. Hla and Masson will be competing with other prominent groups from around the world in an attempt to “drive” a nanometer sized molecule around single atom obstacles. We wish them luck!

You will also learn from Hugh Richardson’s group about issues, challenges, and advancements associated with measuring temperature at the nanoscale. Another NQPI member, Allan Showalter, discusses his genetic work on plants to develop improved salt tolerance, which may be useful in certain parts of the world where abundant fresh water is at a premium. We would also like to congratulate Tadeusz Malinski on his grant to study the molecular physiology of Down Syndrome, an area with the potential to improve many lives around the world. Savas Kaya is working to change the way we use electronics. These important broad topics, and the researchers investigating them, are a testament to the interdisciplinary strengths of NQPI.

We also take great pride in our students’ achievements. Mahmoud M. Asmar was recently awarded the NQPI Outstanding Dissertation Award. Doctoral student Kiran Prasai was recently awarded the $15,000 “Donald Clippinger Graduate Fellowship.” Prasai, a student of NQPI member David Drabold, is developing new methods of constructing computer models of materials useful in a variety of electronic applications, particularly for photovoltaic and memory materials. We would also like to congratulate all the student participants of our joint CMSS/NQPI poster session last fall.

Lastly, NQPI has a new website that is being updated regularly. Please visit to learn about the latest NQPI research, grants, publications, event photos and more.

I wish you a relaxing summer.

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