April 18, 2016 at 4:06 pm

Transfer Tip | Be Diligent When Applying for Transient Student Course Approval

By Kristi Conrad
Academic Advisor and Transfer Specialist for the College of Arts & Sciences

Kristi Conrad

Kristi Conrad

When you decide to take a transient course, it is best for you to complete a Petition for Transient Student Course Approval.

Make sure to read the entire form, as there are several guidelines and limitations for how classes will transfer to Ohio University.

It is also important to proofread the form before you turn it in. Minor details such as email or name of college are often left off of the form, and these small mistakes can cause a delay in processing.

Be sure to read the form after it is signed and returned as well. Sometimes classes will not equate to a class you hope to get credit for, so it is best to double-check by looking for the equations listed. This is a typical occurrence for a student looking to take an upper-level course at a community college. A good bit of those classes do not cover 3000- and 4000-level courses at Ohio University, although there are some exceptions.

For any questions regarding transient credit, please contact Kristi Conrad at

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