April 6, 2016 at 1:39 pm

Society of Physics Students Hold Research Conference

The annual SPS research conference teaches students how to be good presenters

The annual SPS research conference provides students the opportunity to share their research.

Ohio University’s Society of Physics Students (SPS) held its annual research conference on Saturday, April 9, from 9-11 a.m., in Clippinger Labs 194. Several undergraduates who participated in Physics & Astronomy’s 2015 summer research program presented their results. Topics ranged from studies in supernovae and gravitational lensing to theoretical quantum mechanics.

SPS President Daniel Radloff says the event helps him to gain more confidence in the material he researches.

“Participation is more than learning about just one topic,” he explains. “As a presenter, I may help students in the department develop in interest in other kinds of research. As one of the organizers, it can also be a lesson for me in group management.”

This will be the sixth annual conference for SPS faculty adviser Dr. Gang Chen, Associate Professor in the department.

“Every year we have students presenting high quality work,” he says. “Each student has the chance to be in front of the group and to see what it takes to be a good presenter. It’s a great learning experience.”

For SPS Vice President Kylie Holmes, the conference is a chance to learn what other students do outside of the classroom.

“I like learning new things, and watching others have the opportunity to present what they’ve learned.”


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