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April 20, 2016 at 2:58 pm

MCB Students Participate at 2016 EXPO, Basu receives People’s Choice Award

Molecular and Cellular Biology students at Expo, from left: Silvana Duran Ortiz, Debra Walter, Sarah Metro, Yuli Hu, Jason Zhang, Manindra Singh

Molecular and Cellular Biology students at Expo, from left: Silvana Duran Ortiz, Debra Walter, Sarah Metro, Yuli Hu, Jason Zhang, Manindra Singh

Twelve interdisciplinary graduate students in Molecular and Cellular Biology were among 840 undergraduate, graduate and medical students who presented at Ohio University Student Research and Creative Activity Expo on April 14.

The expo is an annual event hosted for OHIO students to exhibit their original work. Projects this year represented student work from 52 departments and schools and from across four campuses. Participating student presentations are reviewed by a panel of judges with prize money for top projects in various categories organized by discipline or related subject.

Congratulations to This Year’s MCB Winners!

Student: Reetobrata Basu
Title: “Targeting Growth Hormone Receptors – Abrogating Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Melanoma”
Adviser: Dr. Shiyong Wu
Session Awards: Chemistry & Biochemistry 3 (1st place), Diabetes Institute 2 (1st place),  Edison Biotechnology Institute 2 (1st place), (People’s Choice)

Abstract: Malignant melanoma expresses particularly high levels of growth hormone receptor protein. We found that blocking this signaling pathway attenuates cell proliferation and therapy resistance which can immensely benefit cancer patients and clinicians globally.

Student: Xinhao Liu
Title: “Molecular Mechanism of Insulin Resistance in Offspring of Obese Fathers”
Adviser: Dr. Felicia Nowak
Session Award: ARHI 2 (1st place)

Abstract: Parental diet are correlated with abnormal metabolic profile of offspring, such as insulin resistance, often as a result of inherited differences in epigenetic markers. Our project aims to characterize insulin resistance and discover epigenetic markers.

Student: Alexander Meyers
Title: “Identification and Investigation of Genes Involved in Early Gravitropic Signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana”
Adviser: Dr. Sarah Wyatt
Session Award: Sigma Xi (2nd place)

Abstract: This project utilizes microarray analysis to identify the plant genes involved in early gravitropic signaling. 8 candidate genes identified are being analyzed to help understand the mechanisms involved in how plants respond to a gravity stimulus.

Student: Debra Walter
Title: “Characterizing Acute Effects of Coxsackievirus Infection in Non-Obese Diabetic Mice”
Adviser: Dr. Karen Coschigano and Dr. Kelly McCall
Session Awards: Biological Sciences G1 (1st place), Diabetes Institute 1 (2nd place)

Abstract: This study focuses on identifying how coxsackievirus infection affects the molecular phenotype and function of Non-Obese Diabetic Mouse kidneys early after infection which may provide insight into long term kidney injury.

Student: Xuan Wang
Title: “A new type of cancer drug resistance: extracellular ATP-induced resistance through ATP internalization and ATP-drug competition”
Adviser: Dr. Xiaozhuo Chen
Session Award: Bio Sci – G1 (2nd place)

Abstract: ATP levels in various tumors are much higher than that in normal tissues. This study reports that ATP could induce drug resistance in cancer through ATP internalization and ATP-drug competition, suggesting ATP as a new anti-drug resistance target.

Students at the 2016 Expo

Students at the 2016 Expo

The Student Research and Creative Activity Expo is sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and the Dean of the Graduate College,  Office of the President, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost and University Libraries

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