April 18, 2016 at 3:37 pm

Advising Tip | Take Time to Reflect on the Past and Plan for the Future

By Sara Berens
Academic Advisor and Retention Specialist for the College of Arts & Sciences

The end of the academic year is always a bittersweet time. With each year, however, you learn something new about yourself and who you want to become.

Sara Berens

Sara Berens

Whether you’re a freshman who plans to return to Athens in the fall, or a senior preparing to leave this place that you have come to call home, it’s important to reflect on your time here.

Take some time this summer to think about what you liked about this year and what you didn’t like, how you’ve changed and what you hope to change about yourself and your habits in the future, who you want to keep in your life and who you may want to let go. Even if the process seems too emotional for you, give it a try because you reflecting on the past will allow you to more clearly envision a better future.

Also, I can’t end this year without saying congratulations to all of our graduating seniors! Good luck out there in the world and don’t forget to visit.

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