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Summer 2016 | Online Courses about Dinosaurs, Parks, Water, Pollution and More

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The Geological Sciences Department at Ohio University offers an online course about Dinosaurs and the Mesozoic, along with courses about parks, water, pollution and that fill the university’s general education requirements, as well as College of Arts & Sciences distribution requirements.

GEOL 1010 Introduction to Geology

Tier II Natural Sciences (2NS)

Class # 4769 | First Summer Session

Description: This course covers nature and distribution of earth materials and their utilization as natural resources; discussion of earth structure, earthquakes, mountain building, and continental drift; development of landscapes.

  • How does the Earth work?
  • Should geologists go to jail if people die in an earthquake?
  • Why does the government subsidize home owners living in the way of hurricanes?
  • Should farms be flooded to save cities from flooding?
  • Why is the ocean rising more quickly at Miami and who pays to stop it?

GEOL 1300 Geology of the National Parks ONLINE

Tier II Natural Sciences (2NS)

Class # 4717 | First Summer Session

Description: This course is a survey of the geologic features of the national parks of the United States, emphasizing the history of their geologic development.

GEOL 1400 Dinosaurs and the Mesozoic ONLINE

Tier II Natural Sciences (2NS)

Class # 4718 | Second Summer Session

Description: This course is an introduction to the systematics, anatomy, physiology, ecology, evolution, and extinction of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic life, as well as a review of the science of paleontology and basic Earth history during the Mesozoic including climate, geography, tectonics, mass extinctions, and other major geologic events. The course begins with an introduction to the sciences of paleontology and geology including an overview of the theories of plate tectonics and evolution, geologic time, relative and absolute age dating, and the fossil record. The history of the science of paleontology also is explored as well as the different methods and techniques employed by modern paleontologists to ask and answer scientific questions about ancient life including dinosaurs. Topics then focus on the physical, biological, and chemical conditions of the Mesozoic world and a general introduction to dinosaurs including their classification, anatomy, physiology, and behavior. Three major groups of dinosaurs are discussed in detail, the Ornithischia, Sauropoda, and Therapoda in addition to other major components of Mesozoic ecosystems including marine reptiles, pterosaurs, mammals, insects, and plants. The course concludeS with an overview of the evolution of terrestrial and marine ecosystems during the Mesozoic and the causes and effects of the end Cretaceous mass extinction.

GEOL 2170 Water Resources and Sustainability ONLINE

Tier II Applied Science & Mathematics (2AS)

Class # 4719 | Second Summer Session

Description: Sustainability of water resources is complicated because groundwater and surface water are connected, and the use of water resources should be in a manner that can be maintained for an indefinite time without causing unacceptable environmental, economic, or social consequences. The course emphasizes the importance of water resources and its sustainable development in the 21st century. Students learn fundamental concepts and theories related to the occurrence, movement, storage, quality, and sustainability of water resources. They are exposed to real-world issues of water resources sustainability, e.g., water risks, contamination, remediation, health, economics and disputes, the water-energy nexus, water security, and efforts to improve sustainability of water resources.

GEOL 2210 Earth and Life History ONLINE

Tier II Natural Sciences (2NS)

Class # 2159 | Second Summer Session

Description: This nontechnical survey explores the 4.5 billion-year history of the interaction between life and the environment. Topics include the origin of the Earth, the origin and development of life, the origin and evolution of the continents, the history of the atmosphere and ocean, catastrophic extinctions, and the impact of human evolution.

GEOL 2310 Water and Pollution ONLINE

Tier II Applied Science & Mathematics (2AS)

Class # 2156 | First Summer Session

Description: This course explores the interrelationship between geologic and hydrologic principles and technology as they relate to the use of water resources and the environmental problems associated with its pollution.


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