March 16, 2016 at 2:16 pm

Senior Interns at Prosecutor’s Diversion Program for First-Time Offenders

Lauren Lowe and her kitten.

Lauren Lowe

By Austin Rivers ’17

Lauren Lowe applied for an internship with the local prosecutor’s office to pursue her interest in criminal justice, specifically a career as an investigator for a prosecutor’s office or law firm.

“It is very rewarding to work with such dedicated people that truly care and strive to better people’s lives,” says Lowe, a senior Sociology-Criminology major with minors in Marketing and Spanish.

She is in her eighth week of her semester-long internship at the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office, and she as found her first internship experience to be both an enriching and educational—an invaluable opportunity for anyone interested in the legal and investigative fields.

Her favorite part is hearing about the different ongoing investigations and cases at the office, along with being involved with the staff of the office.

Finding an Internship

Roberta Roberson, internship coordinator

Roberta Roberson, internship coordinator

The opportunity for the internship was presented to her through the Sociology-Criminology internship program. At the internship program meetings, she learned about different internships available in the area and the requirements for applying. She filled out an application that helped the Internship Coordinator, Roberta Roberson, find specific internships that met her interests and criteria.

Lowe says her position at the office is with the diversion program, which is for first-time non-violent offenders. When they complete a program, their criminal record is expunged. In addition, it offers help for recovering drug users.

Since she began her internship, Lowe says it has become something she is excited about and looks forward to going to everyday. She is gaining experience she hopes to apply in a future career.

“I’ve already been talked to (people) about job openings…and [connected with] people who would vouch for me and write me letters of recommendation.”

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