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February 6, 2016 at 11:32 am

Cosmo Interviews Political Science Major on ‘Defying Stereotypes’

Elizabeth Harris' contribution to Delta Gamma's Defying Stereotypes project: Society says we pay for our friends. But the friendships I have made are worth every penny.

Elizabeth Harris’ contribution to Delta Gamma’s Defying Stereotypes project.

Cosmopolitan’s Tess Koman interviewed Ohio University student Elizabeth Harris about her sorority’s project “Defying Stereotypes.”

Harris is a Political Science major. The Cosmo story is “10 Powerful Photos That Bust Sorority Girl Stereotypes.”

The Ohio Chapter of Delta Gamma decided to try their hand at combating some of the deep-rooted stereotypes of sorority women with a gorgeous photo essay that has gone majorly viral since it was posted less than 24 hours ago.

Former director of public relations of the chapter Elizabeth Harris told each woman was responsible for coming up with the stereotype she’d debunk: “We tried to get a diverse group of stereotypes to touch on,” the senior explained. “We are incredibly humbled by the feedback we’ve received.”

Harris says Greek and non-Greek women alike have reached out to Delta Gamma to tell the chapter how much the photos resonated with them. They’re especially excited to have heard from alumnae who have told them how proud they are of the chapter.

“Everyone’s happy Ohio University Greek life is being represented in such a positive manner,” Harris concluded and the chapter hopes to continue “empowering not only sorority women but women everywhere.”

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