January 12, 2016 at 8:56 am

Spring 2016 | CAS 2130: Internship and Job Mapping

Looking for a class that will equip you with the skills to be successful in the internship and job search? Enroll is CAS 2130 today!

Career Strategies: Internship and Job Mapping (CAS 2130) is a two -credit hour course that prepares students with the tools necessary to plot their goals for gaining experience prior to graduation and begin taking action on short and long term career goals. This course is designed to promote self-reflection, assist students in developing a strategy to gain professional experience, and facilitate the creation of a professional portfolio including formal employment documents and a professional development plan for completing an internship in their field of interest during summer 2015. Students will complete this course with a clear understanding of internship searching resources, knowledge of how to prepare an effective set of application documents for an internship, and how to be a professional team member once they participate in their internship.

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