October 13, 2015 at 11:05 am

Students Planning Trip to Marion Correctional Institution

In the coming months, Students for Law, Justice & Culture is planning a trip to Marion Correctional Institution, where students can get an up-close look at the incarceration system.

Marion Correctional Visiting Center

Marion Correctional Visiting Center

Marion Correctional is a mostly medium security facility located in Marion OH. Opened in 1954, Marion houses about 2,500 inmates.

The facility has many programs that are intended to decrease the likelihood of people getting arrested again upon their release. Some of those programs include painting, IT training, carpentry, sewing, auto mechanics and welding.

The facilities also include a reading room for children who are visiting an incarcerated parent. The idea for reading rooms in prisons was first suggested by former First Lady Hope Taft and has spread all over Ohio.

Several students involved with the Center for Law, Justice & Culture did internships at Marion Correctional to learn about the programs at the facility and how those programs reduce recidivism.

For information about singing up for the Marion trip, visit Students for Law, Justice & Culture’s Facebook page.

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