October 6, 2015 at 10:52 am

Kessler at TECH Ed: Leverage Emerging Technologies for Meaningful Learning

Greg Kessler speaking at Washington State University TECH Ed

Greg Kessler speaks at Washington State University TECH Ed.

Dr. Greg Kessler, Associate Professor of Linguistics at Ohio University, spoke about leveraging emerging technologies for meaningful authentic learning experiences at the second TECH-Ed Conference hosted by Washington State University in early October.

We live in a world with varied emerging technologies and contexts in which we can practice communicating around the topics of any discipline. We should use these contexts and digital artifacts to leverage meaningful authentic learning experiences,” says the introduction to Kessler’s presentation on “Promoting Engagement through Participatory Social Practices.”

His presentation concludes with a reflection:

The awareness of these technological developments can be equally exciting or intimidating depending on your perspective. Smarter tools mean that teachers need to be more informed about how, when and why to incorporate such tools. Such decisions suggest that educational technology teacher preparation is now more important than it ever has been.

Rich Lamb, director of WSU’s neurocognitive science lab, said, “Dr. Kessler shared the idea of a participatory culture, where not every member must contribute, but all must believe they are free to contribute when ready. He very skillfully wove that idea into how collaborative and constructive learning can exist, including with emerging technologies.”

Dr. Greg Kessler at Washington State University TECH Ed.

Dr. Greg Kessler at Washington State University TECH Ed

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