September 28, 2015 at 4:43 pm

Transfer Tip | What Are XXL Course Designations?

By Kristi Conrad
Academic Advisor and Transfer Specialist for the College of Arts & Sciences

Curious as to why a transferred course was given an XXL designation?

Kristi Conrad

Kristi Conrad

When a course is transferred in from another institution, but there is no equivalent Ohio University course, these credits are assigned an XXL designation. For example: you completed “Biology of Sponges,” a 200-level course at another college, but Ohio University does not have a course on the exact subject matter, so the transferred credits are evaluated as BIOS 2xxl instead of being assigned an OHIO course number. BIOS 2xxl would count in the A&S 60-hour 2000 level and above requirement, and the A&S Natural Science requirement.

So if your transfer credits do not match an exact course, they may be applied differently than initially planned. Please feel free to contact me at should you have any questions regarding xxl credits that have transferred in from other colleges and universities.

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