September 17, 2015 at 4:07 pm

Mock Trial Selects 21 Inaugural Team Members

Thirty-five students signed up to compete at the Ohio University Mock Trial Team inaugural tryouts on Sept. 16, and 21 students were invited to join the organization. gavel (2)

In order to try out, interested students were required to prepare a speech on a selected topic, and were, upon completion of the speech, required to immediately respond to an extemporaneous topic.

Mock Trial is a new student organization at Ohio University, affiliated with the Center for Law, Justice & Culture. Mock Trial is designed to assist those interested in law and the legal system to be able to pursue their education outside of the classroom with hands on experience.

Through competition, practice, meetings, and lectures, members will grow to better prepare them for their professional careers. 

Members a part of Mock Trial are responsible for preparing for mock cases, similar to how lawyers, witnesses, and other legal professionals would.  Later in the school year, the team will head off to the competition against other schools. 

Along with the Mock Trial Executive Board, the tryouts were judged by coaches CLJC Specialist Larry Hayman and Ohio University Associate General Counsel Grant Garber. Joining them was guest judge and special coach Justice R. Marc Kantrowitz, the College of Arts & Sciences’ Jurist-in-Residence and Visiting Glidden Professor. 

Those selected to join the organization are:

  • Maddie Rettig, Executive Director
  • Alyssa Alcorn, Administrative Director
  • Alexa Jesser, Communications Director
  • Casey Tisdale, Financial Director
  • Sierra Causey, Recruitment Director
  • Sara Welch
  • McKenzie Allen
  • Elizabeth Doran
  • Noah Allen
  • Precious Oluwasanya
  • My-Kualla Swogger
  • Alex Mannarino
  • Hannah Caldwell
  • Armando Mendoza
  • Elliot Smith
  • Austin Rivers
  • Juliana Scheiderer
  • Zach Grader
  • Alyssa Stegmaier
  • Elizabeth Haught
  • Sara Sams

The executive board and coaches were grateful for all those that made it to try-outs and look forward to a great year with the new organization.

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