August 11, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Malinski Wins Prestigious Grande Medaille d’Or in Paris

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski receives the Grand Gold Medal by the Society of Arts-Sciences-Letters in Paris.

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski receives the Grand Gold Medal by the Society of Arts-Sciences-Letters in Paris.

By Collin Arocho

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski, Ohio University’s Marvin White Chair and Distinguished Professor, was awarded with the Grand Gold Medal by the Society of Arts-Sciences-Letters (ASL) on June 13 in Paris, France.

The Grande Medaille d’Or is a very prominent international award given annually to three world-renowned artists, scientists and writers in recognition of their outstanding contributions to humanity. This year, the Grand Gold Medal was presented to an impressive class of three unique and worthy recipients.

  • In Art: Internationally acclaimed actor producer and movie director Robert Hossein (Les Misérables)
  • In Literature: The first female President of the European Union and former member of the French Constitutional (Supreme) Court, Simone Veil
  • In Science: Ohio University Professer Tadeusz Malinski
The Grande Medaille d'Or

The Grande Medaille d’Or

This, the Society’s 100th anniversary celebration and ceremony of the Grande Medaille D’Or, was held in the famed Opera Hall of the eminent Le Grand Hotel, Paris.

Malinski received this award for his contribution in biochemistry and medicine – specifically for his research and discoveries in cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases and for being a pioneer of nanomedicine.

The academy honored Malinski as “a scholar of unquestioned authority in the world of scientific research and a man with talents in many fields such as chemistry, biology, medicine and art.”

During her speech at the award ceremony, Academy President Jaqueline Vermere lauded professor Malinski as an “innovative spirit with expertise that will have a lasting impact on the medical diagnostic methods benefiting million around the world” and said that, “…the findings and contributions of Professor Malinski are enormous and undisputed, leaving a deep impression that is rarely seen in medicine.”

In the past, this Grande Medaille d’Or was awarded to very prominent scientists and artists, including several Nobel Laureates. Some of the previous award winners include: Madame Maria Curie, Albert Schweitzer, Frederic and Irene Jolliet Curie, Louis Lumiere, Yehudi Menuhin and many others.

Malinski has been the recipient of more than 30 international scientific awards and distinctions. The Grande Gold Medal is his second major award this year, after he received his fifth Doctorate Honoris Causa in medicine from Poznan Medical University in Poland.

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  1. Veronica Moloney says:

    Please contact me at your convenience about the Grande Medaille d’Or. Wikipedia lists 1997 as the year of the first Grande Medaille, but I have a newspaper clipping that states Gaston Ramon, Honorary Director of the Pasteur Institute, was the first biologist to receive the first Grande Medaille on 14 April, 1959. Please clarify the apparent contradiction if possible. I am not able to write in French so I cannot contact the French Academy of Sciences directly to inquire on my own.

    Thank you,
    Veronica Moloney

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