August 18, 2015 at 5:28 pm

CLJC Offers 1 Credit for Law and Justice Events through CAS 1300x: Themes in Action

The Center for Law, Justice & Culture invites all students to enroll in a new special 1-credit course, CAS 1300x: Themes in Action: Making and Breaking the Law in Fall 2015!

This special course introduces students to law in relation to society, culture, politics, and power. It is listed as CAS 1300x, Section 103, Course Number 14244. Seats are still availabmabtlSQUAREle. All students—freshmen to seniors—are encouraged to apply.

In the course, students engage in self-directed learning by attending campus events and extracurricular activities across the semester. The events include public lectures, film screenings, professional development workshops, career panels, mock trials, and other academic activities.

“Through the course, we hope to encourage students to participate in a campus conversation about the challenges of law and justice in the 21st century,” says course instructor and CLJC Director Haley Duschinski. “By becoming part of the CLJC community, students will learn to think critically about law’s power, and its role in our everyday lives.”

Students attend seven events throughout the semester and submit critical reflection papers through the Blackboard site. They are also required to read one assigned book and to have at least one advising meeting with CLJC Pre-Law Advisor Larry Hayman in Bentley Hall 001.

The course provides a strong foundation for the Making and Breaking the Law theme. It is ideal for students who are considering law school or graduate school, and who wish to pursue careers in law and related fields. It also prepares students to apply to the selective Certificate Program in Law, Justice & Culture.

This is a credit/non-credit course with no classroom attendance required. There are no pre-requisites, and no permission is required.

The course can be found under the CAS prefix on the Course Offerings website.





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