July 24, 2015 at 5:02 pm

Quitslund Article on Tudor Legacy Published in Renaissance Studies

Dr. Beth Quitslund, Associate Professor of English at Ohio University, published an article called “Afterword: the Tudor legacy” in July.

This essay traces the impact of 17th-century changes in political culture, religious aesthetics, and the legal organization of the printing industry on the patterns of use for the Psalms established during the Tudor Reformations.

The article was in a special issue on “Re-forming the Psalms in Tudor England” in the Society for Renaissance Studies, the journal for the Society of Renaissance Studies (Volume 29, Issue 4, pages 671–677, September 2015).

Quitslund’s scholarly focus is on English Renaissance and Reformation: Spenser; Milton; metrical psalmody; Bibles and their interpreters; and the history of printing.

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