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July 13, 2015 at 5:15 pm

Geography Alum Named Ohio Sea Grant Educator in Cleveland

Ohio University alum Scott Hardy ’98 is the new Ohio Sea Grant Extension educator based in Cleveland, reports the Beacon News.

Hardy earned a B.S. in Environmental Geography from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University.

“Sea Grant is not only excited about adding a new Extension educator to our staff, but we are very excited about having one based in Cleveland, especially given the numerous existing relationships that Scott has already established within that community,” said Ohio Sea Grant Interim Director Christopher Winslow.

Hardy, who is originally from Mentor, Ohio, has a bachelor’s degree in environmental geography from Ohio University, a Master of Professional Studies degree in natural resources from Cornell University and a doctorate in environmental and natural resources from The Ohio State University.

“I spent my whole youth, basically, in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland,” Hardy said. “I grew up not more than a couple miles from the beach. As kids, we’d ride our bikes to the beach. This job gives me the opportunity to come back and do something to protect the lake and work with stakeholders. It’s pretty exciting for me.”

Hardy will head up the coastal storms programs begun at Ohio Sea Grant through a NOAA Coastal Storms Program grant. Ohio Sea Grant’s coastal storms programs are aimed at enhancing community resilience, improving communication of risks associated with beach hazards and addressing impacts of storm water on natural resources through best management practices.

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