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July 27, 2015 at 12:32 pm

Chemistry Student Launches ‘Stop. Think. Science!’ Podcasts

Ian Armstrong

Chemistry doctoral student Ian Armstrong was featured in a story at on “Allegheny grad launches science podcast.”

His podcasts are available at In addition they can be found in the iTunes store for free, and downloaded to any iPhone through the Podcasts app. Android requires the user to download a podcast app to download the epispodes.

Watch Episode 003 – What is the Maker Movement? where Armstrong and his co-host talk to Vyasar Ganesan about makers, makerspaces, and the maker movement.

From Allegheny grad launches science podcast:

Science can be at turns both fascinating and challenging.

But rigid standardized testing can strip both teachers and students of the awe it inspires, said Ian Armstrong, a 2012 Allegheny College graduate.

Armstrong aims to address that — and boost science knowledge along the way — through a new podcast that discusses science topics in a way that engages people and helps them more easily understand difficult concepts….

A better approach, Armstrong argues, is to use current technology to teach and communicate in a way people — including people with no scientific or technological background — will embrace and understand. Enter the podcast: “Stop. Think. Science!”

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