June 8, 2015 at 6:47 pm

Summer II | Online Criminal Justice Course Puts Students at Supreme Court

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Interested in the criminal justice system? An online Summer II course asks students to decide Supreme Court cases and explore the criminal justice system.

The United States Supreme Court building.

The U.S. Supreme Court

SOC 2600: Criminal Justice Online is an online course that runs June 29 through Aug. 15. The instructor is Rebecca Collins.

Students in the course will:

  • Learn the history of criminal law and its effects on specific populations.
  • Understand the roles of law enforcement, the courts and correctional system.
  • Participate in online discussions with fellow classmates and the instructor about criminal justice issues.
  • Use their critical thinking skills when approaching different aspects of the criminal justice system.

A popular assignment in this online course is the Case Law Activity in which students are given information on Supreme Court Cases and then use their understanding of Constitutional Amendments to determine the rulings of these cases. After submitting the assignment, the students are then provided the actual Supreme Court rulings for each case to compare the decisions. Other assignments that students have enjoyed are the videos that discuss eye-witness testimony and death penalty exonerees and listening to oral arguments of a well-known Supreme Court case that dealt with the issue of voir dire.

SOC 2600 fulfills the following degree requirements:

  • A&S 2000 level and above course requirement
  • A&S Social Science requirement for non-sociology majors
  • One of the three required courses for the Law, Justice and Culture Certificate

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