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June 12, 2015 at 8:59 am

Daily Monitor Interviews Geology Alum, Chairman of Hared Petroleum

Ohio University Geological Sciences alum Yusuf Musa Bashir, Chairman and Managing Director of Hared Petroleum in Uganda, was recently interviewed by Ismail Musa Ladu about his business plans and achievements in a Daily Monitor story on “Bashir has no regrets for moving on.”

Yusuf Musa Bashir is a meticulous businessman, who hates excuses, weighs all options before taking an important decision and above all he is a down-to-earth man.
His approach to business has so much to do with his professional background given that studied sciences but believes everybody has the ability to do business- “no matter your standing in society.”

“In one way or the other we are all businessmen and women. No matter what we do in our earlier lives we somehow end up there – in business,” Bashir says in interview at his office in Jinja Town recently.

“…the important thing is to start (business) early because the earlier you do it the better. And always remember the biggest risk is not to take risks,” he adds.

After studying hydrology, through a scholarship in a Saudi Arabia university and later a master’s degree in geology from Ohio University, U.S., Bashir spent a few years in formal employment, before he started juggling a number of businesses.

He started out in the transport but eventually ventured in the oil business, where he has spearheaded steady growth for more than 15 years now.

Read the entire interview “Bashir has no regrets for moving on.”

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