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May 12, 2015 at 10:51 am

Youngstown Names Herbarium after Plant Biology Alum

Youngstown State University has named its herbarium in memory of Ohio University alum Carl F. Chuey ’69M.S., “a Youngstown State University biology professor who grew the university’s herbarium from about 200 plant specimens in 1967 to about 115,000,” reports the Vindicator.

YSU dedicated the herbarium on May 8. He earned an M.S. in Plant Biology from the College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University.

Chuey, who died last spring at 70, left a $100,000 gift to establish a program endowment to fund the herbarium, a room that houses a collection of dried plants.

Chuey believed in hands-on learning, said Gary Walker, professor and chairman of YSU’s biological sciences department. His students collected samples of plant specimens rather than just seeing examples in textbooks.

“What Carl did was become the driving force for the development of a research-based herbarium,” Walker said.

The herbarium is the fourth-largest of the 35 in Ohio. It includes specimens from 90 countries, all 50 states and six continents….

YSU President Jim Tressel didn’t know Chuey, but said the late professor dedicated 47 years of his professional and personal life to the university. Chuey earned a bachelor’s degree from YSU in 1966, a master’s from Ohio University in 1969 and a doctorate from Ohio State University. In 1971, he was presented an honorary doctorate of education from Ohio Christian College.

Read the entire story in the Vindicator.

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